Officer Edith
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“I told Pierre that hedgehogs love baths but he said no, People love hedgehogs having baths. There is a difference.” Officer Edith is: a) a green parrot, b) the office bird and mascot of San Francisco Animal Care & Control, and c) the persona behind what may be the best account on twitter dot com.

Her feed features rescues, reunions, funny-looking dogs, various baby-animal squee, skunk butts, adoption stories, stern admonitions to those who mistreat wildlife and/or companion animals, veterinary procedures (close-up images of non-fatal injuries to animals, and treatment thereof), and glimpses of what seems like a very women-friendly and queer-positive workplace. And several hummingbirds in need of an emergency sugar fix.

a few highlights:

teen birds and their discontents

a genderqueer chicken named Seuss

Janice the piglet, rescued by a Franciscan monk

proof that raccoons are not immune to the SF eviction crisis

a pigeon impersonating Liza Minnelli
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Damn you zachlipton, I was just coming here to do that one.
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Just a quick warning. There are some pics of animal injuries that might disturb some people. Like me.
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Yes, I came in to say what Splunge said. Ouch.
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One evening about 2 weeks ago I opened my front door to call my cat in and about 4' in front of me were 2 hedgehogs properly shagging. M. le Hedgehog was fully stretched out on top of Mlle le Hedgehog. To promote decency she made a run for it while I took pictures to send to my ecologist friends. He was not keen to dismount despite the impending glare of publicity, which I think tells us that revenge porn may be cross-species.
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But this is fabulous. Followed the account, thanks!
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Splunge, misozaki, sorry about that--I should have been more explicit than "veterinary procedures." To clarify for others: there are some close-up images of non-fatal injuries to animals, and treatment thereof. Is there a way to add edit the post to add a warning? (first-time poster here, still learning the ropes)
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Baby crows have pink mouths. They only get black mouths after they first eat the soul of a newborn child.

If you're surrendering a dog because your girlfriend wants you to, you're rehoming the wrong family member.

If your air is now clean and sweet smelling it's because you lost your dog. He smells like satan. Come get him.

The twitter account is darker than I expected too.
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Meet Denver the dog. They are a good dog.
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Mod note: Added that warning text to the post. For future reference, karayel, you can request a minor edit by using the contact form - linked at the bottom right corner of every page - or by making a comment like you did and flagging it so we moderators will see it.
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Pictures of injuries aside, this is awesome. I was prepared to be meh, but am happy to be surprised out of my meh-ness.
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That baby crow looks like Drinky Crow.
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a genderqueer chicken named Seuss

That really needs the other four lines of the limerick.
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A cross-gendered chicken named Suess
Once tried to mate with a goose.
It said. “What the hell,
I’ll be trans-species as well,”
As it lunged for the goose’s caboose.
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I have a new favorite person.
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I had never seen this--thank you so much for posting it, filling the gap in my soul I didn't even know I had. I am currently watching her video of the leetle teeny kitten sucking milk and wiggling its leetle teeny ears.
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We've been spotted! Hi, Officer Edith! Who's a pretty bird?
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a pigeon impersonating Liza Minnelli

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