gifts for laid-off .com employees (amazon listmania)
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gifts for laid-off .com employees (amazon listmania) sort of old news, but saw this and thought it was odd. didn't really think anything was funny except for the dr. seuss book, in an awful way, but maybe it wasn't meant to be funny.
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and let me just be the first to say sorry if this is a duplicate post, as i've been away for a while - i did search first, and couldn't find anything similar.
posted by moth at 10:35 PM on April 1, 2002

I must say that the whole oooo look at the failed dotcom mentality is so frickin blase. Why is it that so many people enjoyed seeing such ambition and energy fail ?

Do we see people gloating over all the other industies falling apart right now, no of course not, all we see are the people that were green with envy on the outside looking in patting themselves on the back giving each other knowing winks that they knew this was all smoke and mirrors and could never work now it's gone.

Why are people so eager to rub salt into the wounds of all those folks that truly believed they could make a difference and worked every hour god sent to make try and make it happen.

Screw you all :)

(overly emotional post given the original link but I've had a glass of wine or three and the boooo dotcom thing overstayed it's welcome forever ago)
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zeoslap, i'm not sure that's what lee p. was getting at. there's just enough of a range of selections that you feel like you're getting one guy's personal reaction, and some of it could be snarky but it also reads like someone who's trying to make sense of it all. i don't know, maybe he's a jerk gloating over the failures, but he reads more like person who was part of it all to me. you could even read it as ending on a note of hope, if you choose to see the segway as such an item.

on a side note, don't personally know anyone who enjoyed seeing the dotcoms fail, or had to listen to anyone who had the gall to gloat about people losing their jobs. maybe i was lucky. . .
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You were lucky.

A "corporate cult," says Arnott, has all the characteristics of any other cultlike group: It subordinates the individual to an organization; it uses terms like "family" to describe the organization; it rewards behavior, not tasks. Arnott says employees contribute to the problem by turning to their employers for their emotional needs and adopting a loyalty to the company that exceeds devotion to one's family and personal needs.

The real problem here isn't the employee. It's jobs that don't pay enough to take a week off and still make the rent / health insurance / car payment, while at the same time, grant only one week of paid leave per year. My family is dispersed between 5 different cities; I'm continually reminded not to complain about only one week of vacation because I'm certain to be unemployed again within a year or two, that will be plenty of vacation. Why haven't I managed to save up the money for plane tickets to visit elderly relatives and pay my rent for six months while I'm looking for the next job-- I was working for a whole year, after all, what's my problem?
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