Zero to Hero
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I share your wishful thinking, but Hercules is 19 years old.
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I have such mixed feelings on this movie (for some reason, the deviation from the source material bothers me more than any other Disney movie, although that may simply be a product of me being more familiar with it than any other source material), but I really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting.
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Say what you will about this movie, the Once Upon a Time arc it inspired was an exciting return to mediocrity after the mess that was the Season 5A Camelot story.
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I think Hercules is one of the most subversive Disney movies ever. It actually manages to turn its satirical gaze back upon Disney itself with its commentary about marketing, and it was still allowed to be released.

It's hardly faithful to the source material, but as a Disney movie, I've thought it was pure gold since it was released.

Thanks for posting this. Great fun to see how they developed the animation!
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the deviation from the source material bothers me more than any other Disney movie

Seriously: Nine! Muses! NINE! Not! Five! ...but at the same time, the original story is so far from "appropriate for children 8-10" that I can't really fault them for making some adjustments. Besides, flaming head aside, I seem to recall the movie captured Hades's attitude (the grown up kid brother still litigating family resentments, instead of "generic Disney villain") surprisingly well.

Best thing about the linked video - they actually had a live-action group of Muses dance for the storyboard, which would have been a great '90s video in its own right.
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Yeah I want to know more about these live-action actors used for the footage. They looked like a lot of fun.
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I've never seen the movie but i love seeing those "pre-production" animatics, the level of precision and fidelity to the fnished version is insane.
That's what editors do on animated feature, they spend years going back and forth to create a storyreel that the animators are going to work from.
This probably one of the last stage of the process when they actually shoot in studio actual choregraphy that's going to be redone with the animators.
they start editing way earlier than what most people think, as soon as they have a storyboard they start recording voices, putting sound fx and so on.
Lee Unkrich described the process.
There's also an article about Brave that talks about it in length.
On that movie they storyboarded 160 scenes for 36 remaining at the end. And people think there's no editing on animated pictures...
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I remember talking about this move in my Latin class in high school (yes, I was that dork) -- and it was pretty much universally agreed that it's a great movie that has absolutely nothing to do with its source material. If that is something that's going to bother you -- then this is not the movie for you. Kinda like Frozen, oddly enough, which has very little to do with The Snow Queen, but is a pretty great movie in its own right.

It's subversive as hippybear points out. It also is pretty charming. Meg is a great heroine and she has a past, which is unique for Disney heroines. Hades is a surprisingly fun Disney villain. In terms of Disney movies, for me, it's one of those underrated gems -- not at the level of a Lilo and Stitch, but up there with The Emperor's New Groove.
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Also, Meg is now Rose Quartz on Steven Universe, for those keeping track of voice actors.
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