Lost Animations
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Lost Animations is a Youtube channel compiling various hard-to-find animated shorts, advertisements, and the occasional full-length. posted by solarion (7 comments total) 69 users marked this as a favorite
John K NBC station IDs: 1, 2
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Thanks for the link, there looks like a lot of interesting stuff there. The TV show Eat Carpet in Australia used to be great for unusual short films and animations. A whole hour of weirdness every week, it was unmissable.

[And I'd be grateful if anyone knows the title of a short film shown on Eat Carpet where it was stop motion animation, but done with real people. Possibly on the streets of Prague, shot in black and white, with the effect being as if the people were gliding like ice skaters across the cobblestone streets. It was so beautiful, but I've never been able to track it down.]
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Wow. БРЕВНО (The Log) is amazing. I wonder if there's a connection to Ren and Stimpy there.
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Thanks for the link. In the pre-Internet days when the UK's Channel 4 had an edgy cultural vibe, it sometimes ran series of experimental short animations, which I loved - and found very inspiring. One short in a set of three was of neon-coloured Australian aboriginal spirit figures animated over shots of tarmac roads - I thought at the time it had been made by someone called Candy Guard (I misread the end credits - turned out she was quite a different sort of animator), and I woke up the next morning with a reasonably complete far-future SF story in my head about what the Candy Guard might be and what they did, I even wrote it down, so - result.

It seems to happen less often these days, what with the howling cultural maelstrom, so for this - much gratitude. Let's see if I wake up with anything.
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One of the clips there was an ad for the National Film Board of Canada, and featured the chartacters from Cordell Barker's hilarious "The Cat Came Back" which is not on that channel, but is nonetheless on YouTube.
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This is really cool.
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Hmm. The Log (linked by Acey) seems to be highly related to Richard Condie's masterpiece The Big Snit, which also features sexualized log-sawing, and wobbly line-work.
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