Panda Dog!
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Panda Dog! I don't know what kind of dog it is (and I thought I was a dog-knowing expert) but I want one. If anyone can help me out with the breed (if it isn't a bizarre dog-panda hybrid) I would be really quite grateful...
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Looks like a baby Chow Chow. But cute! And a better mascot than kittie!
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Such a cute puppy! I want one too...
looks like a cross between an akita and a sharpei.
posted by jburka at 7:43 AM on April 5, 2002

I'm with evanizer: it's likely a cream Chow Chow with weird markings (either natural or artificial, my money's on the latter). Its conformation is 100% Chow Chow, its colouration is not, but people dye dogs all the time (pink and blue poodles, f'rex).
posted by biscotti at 7:49 AM on April 5, 2002

you could wash your car with it, and let it run to the pond to clean itself.

a sure fire market winner.
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you could wash your car with it, and let it run to the pond to clean itself.

not having coffee to spit out, i was forced to spit out my gum while laughing at that remark. Reminds me that i really could use some coffee.
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::Angelfire::Bandwidth Alley Whipped::MeFried::
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Dyed Chow Chow
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Is this it? Because I have seen pictures of people dying their bichons to look like this. Can't get to the angelfire link.
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Yeah, we've already managed to kill the link with bandwidth. Anyone wanna find a Googlecache or something?
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could be a chow with the himalayan/siamese mutation (temperature-sensative melanin production, so tips and ends of the critter--which are colder--are dark and the rest is white). reasonably common mutation of melanocytes--it's harmless in bunnies, mice, cats.
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I just saw the last photo on that page. While dying the dog to look like a panda is bad, I think having the bionic laser eyeballs installed into the middle of its back is dowright unethical.
posted by Shadowkeeper at 10:38 AM on April 5, 2002

Heh, I used to do those dye jobs...and get paid lots of money for 'em. It was very popular in Portland in the late '80s. One color all over (pink was popular) is easy. You can just stand them in a bathtub and use a sponge to apply the color. Fancy jobs like this can take hours with a little water-color paintbrush because you have to make the lines straight, the markings even on both sides, and make sure the dye (it's generally food-coloring, by the way) doesn't spread to the rest of the coat. Lots of fun on a squirmy puppy. I always dreaded Christmas...poodles with green and red bits.
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Oh, and the image that sperare linked to was the winner of an Intergroom (Creative Division) competition a few years back. Here's another, just for laughs.
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Enough! I canst take no mo!
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marmot: does that mutation occur in dogs? I've never seen or heard of it doing so. But the markings on this particular dog don't really follow the Himalayan/Siamese mutation colour pattern: the black extends over the dog's back, and is also around its eyes (good guess though!). My money's still on a dyed Chow Chow.
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biscotti: i've never seen it in dogs. you're right, too, about the dye job extending around the back--that isn't consistent either. i only know for sure that there are himalayan/siamese cats, mice, gerbils, rats, and rabbits.
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