Ken Barrie, the voice of Postman Pat (1943-2016)
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Ken Barrie has passed away, aged 83. Ken voiced many of the characters on the TV series Postman Pat, and sang the famous theme tune [alternative: 1, 2, 3] (released as a single, it charted for 15 weeks). Barrie also sang the soundtrack for Charlie Chalk and recorded the soundtracks for Sharks' Treasure and Emily, as well as singing, whistling and narrating in various movies and commercials. Barrie also recorded music under the name Les Carle.
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Postman Pat is such a charming little show.
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Flags at half mast.

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It was a. busy day in Greendale
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Oh, such a gentle show. I hope he was a really happy man.

I see that his birth name was Leslie Hulme, and of course, now I wonder if he wasn't related to Juliet Hulme. I'd never heard of that surname before knowing who she was, so I don't doubt it.
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Via a message, another MeFite has spotted an error. Ken was born in 1933, not 1943 (Wikipedia has it right, a google search not so much). Sorry about that; I'll do basic math checking in future.
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Postman Pat, Postman Pat.
Postman Pat and his black and white cat.....
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