"I think you should take that money, tie it up, and hang it on the wall"
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Artsy presents a well-edited 4-part series of videos on The Art Market: Auctions, Galleries, Patrons, and Art Fairs
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tl;dw again- if you've got several million extra dollars, don't invest in popular modern art just because something is "hot" right now.

you should invest in art like you'd buy your home - look for utility value. you should enjoy where you live and curate the art you love.

price is always subjective and responds to market forces - so what? if you choose to live in your house for decades or enjoy your art as a gift for future generations, then have at it. Like beer, you don't own it, you just rent it...

the (art) world is full of forgeries. if you must buy art as an investment, demand provenance and look towards buying objects that aren't easily replicated.
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Well edited maybe but rather superficial, which is perhaps fitting considering the subject.

This recently aired British documentary covers the subject in rather more depth The Banker's guide to art, (preview clip). The whole art business is much more crooked and parasitic than hinted at in these short films.
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Rats! I should have looked further down the page.
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