El Paquete Semanal
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The Cuban CDN El Paquete is a weekly service where someone (typically found through word of mouth) comes to your home with a disk (usually a 1TB external USB drive) containing a weekly download of the most recent films, soap operas, documentaries, sport, music, mobile apps, magazines, and even web sites. posted by srboisvert (7 comments total) 20 users marked this as a favorite

And ping times still better than Time Warner!
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Cool! I love hacks like this. I wonder if they could benefit from Pirateboxes or Libraryboxes (A what? Short version: take a USB with any kind of data on it and hook it up to a wireless router so anyone with a mobile device/wifi can access the data there). Though if something goes wrong then you end up with a bricked router like I did... might make it expensive or difficult to replace the parts. Also the recipients would need to be able to connect to a wifi signal and the El Paquete seems to be a box that connects one user at a time, but might be more efficient for large amounts of data. Also it (the librarybox) might not be good for video, but it's great at disseminating books, papers or podcasts.
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It's like the roflnet in Zombies, Run! But real life! I love this.
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Why stop there? Why not have an entire home grown mesh network?
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So it's under a Communist dictatorship that it's actually possible to look at the internet without being under constant surveillance, your every page view and mouse pointer movement scrutinized by a hundred Eye-of-Sauron observers, without every video title you browsed through before choosing one to watch recorded and tabulated, and where you paused and re-wound the film noted down.

Tsk tsk, that will never do. We have so much to teach them about freedom.
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