"You can't professionalize unless you federalize",
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"You can't professionalize unless you federalize", we were told. So, this is a professional case of giardia, I guess. Still, the kid COULD have mentioned that the muck was a project, and not his favorite tonic.
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I'm not sure which disturbs me more, government-emboldened petty tyrants run wild, the systemic demise of common sense and good judgment, or the ease and willingness with which huge numbers of people allow themselves to be cowed.
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If you don't drink infected creek water, the terrorists have... aw, forget it.
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What exactly are these clowns protecting the citizenry from anyhow? Convenience? If the cockpit is secured then the plane can't be hijacked with box cutters meaning that at worst a terrorist could cut up a few citizens before being subdued by 200 others. Airline security is the first time that I've felt like the citizens are really being conditioned for totalitarianism.
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Geez. Giardia is a serious health risk, and among the most painful things you can experience.

Proof once again that the sorts of people who are willing to work as two-bit rent-a-cops are exactly the sorts of people who should never, ever be allowed to work as a two-bit rent-a-cop.

[Aside: I recall some MeFi'er was taking a flight a few months back, with her kid. Curious as to what all happened for her...)
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