Have you read Dave Gorman?
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Have you read Dave Gorman? In the spirit of Gorman's original quest (to meet 54 namesakes), two of his fans are searching for 676 people who have read the book, 'Are You Dave Gorman?', this number arrived at by a suitably complex equation which includes Scrabble letters and a grid. The site itself is wonderful stuff and you wonder what Dave himself thinks of it. Sadly my initials have gone, but I'm sure some of you out there could help ... [via Miles Mendoza's Website of the Day]
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The most pointless, obsessive, sad site ever. It's hilarious.

I particularly liked their attempts to get Zinedine Zidane to sign the book. (For you Americans, ZZ is possibly the best footballer in the world.)
posted by salmacis at 1:30 AM on April 10, 2002

It is bizarre, but I have to confess to watching the TV series religiously. Pure genius.
posted by Frasermoo at 2:50 AM on April 10, 2002

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