Mndsgn: distilled cosmic soul funk from the early part of the decade
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Mndsgn is pronounced mind design. The law calls him Ringgo Ancheta. He says his music has dirty, dirty soul vibes, but after checking out his video for Eggs (2014) and Cosmic Perspective (2016), you might agree with this interviewer and think that he might be a mystic jazz player who traveled to earth with Sun Ra. Any way it shakes out, enjoy Mndsgn's music on Bandcamp, and his new concept album*, Body Wash (YT playlist), or just hang out and have some breakfast with Ringgo, Knxwledge and The Koreatown Oddity, the first of five such breakfasts, via Boiler Room.

*As described in this Pop Matters review:
The album loosely follows a singular narrative dreamed up by Mndsgn. A extraterrestrial drifter lands on Earth where he meets a mysterious woman with telepathic abilities. She offers him shelter for the night and cleanses him in a psychedelic “body wash”. He is then transported to another planet where he tries to locate this mysterious woman. Eventually, he realizes that they are in fact together and both come from the same place. If all that sounds like one hell of a mind bending trip, then it is really. However, the narrative is inconsequential to the music itself. It is just as easy to enjoy the music for what it is; a polychromatic and warm celestial trip through the stars.
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Closer to Yanni than Sun Ra.
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Thanks for posting flh! Surprised there aren't more comments here. I very much enjoyed dropping in on "breakfast", and Cosmic Perspective is my new earworm. You have to give props for the level of **deep listening** that has obviously cultivated his aesthetic.
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