"And we think 'Ooh, this is it, this is the end.'"
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I have often puzzled and puzzled
about what it must be like
to go to sleep and never wake up,
to be
simply not there

Memento Mori is a short film by Sebastian Linda with narration by Alan Watts.

Bonus: a collection of famous memento mori art.
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I continue to be pleasantly surprised by how drones are making new shots possible on a very low budget. Are they the Steadicam of this generation?
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Where is the statue next to the lake located? It's beautiful.
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Florence... http://www.boredpanda.com/appennino-sculpture-colossus-giambologna-florence-italy/
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Lovely images.
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great drone work!
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Always being aware of death sounds pretty morbid, but it really does make you try harder everyday. It's not like screaming baby jesus is going to save you. You know it's coming. I'd like to hold the puppy.
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