"This is for Pat"
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The historic 20th season of the WNBA culminated in a hotly contested finals match up between the two best teams of the league, culminating in game five was decided in the final seconds

After a historic 20th season full of statistical achievements, politics, tragedy (previously 1, 2) and a new focus on increasing visibility and revenue for the league, the two best teams in the league (including the reigning champions, 2016 MVP, 6th woman of the year, defensive player of the year, coach of the year, and six 2016 olympians) met in the final round of the newly-revamped WNBA playoffs. What resulted was a hotly contested series between the Minnesota Lynx and the Los Angeles Sparks (that was not without controversy), where the winner was decided in the final seconds of an instantly classic, legacy defining game five for all fan of the game.
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This was the best WNBA finals I've ever seen and I've seen...nine of them.

Game Four and Game Five were partially decided by dubious calls. The series was a classic, but better officiating has to be a priority for next year.

Also happy that Candace Parker got a title, despite not being named to either USA Basketball's 2016 Olympic team or to the WNBA First or Second teams. They won't make that mistake again!
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I fretted over my anticipated need to flip between football, baseball, Rocky Horror, and this game. So unnecessary. I was glued to this game from the first flip. A bunch of badass athletes playing their hearts out. Sad about the officiating, but it could have gone either way at any moment. So happy for Candace Parker, and her post-game "This is for Pat" was such a moment.
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In addition to Parker getting her championship, I'm so happy for Nneka. I've been a long-time Stanford women's basketball season ticket holder and the heartbreak of four Final Four losses in a row for her was crushing to watch.
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I was so ready to hate the playoffs this year. Single-game eliminations suck, double-byes suck, and I've never liked the NBA/WNBA system where most of the teams make the playoffs (no team from the bottom half of the seedings has won a WNBA title).

That Game 5, though.
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I didn't like the single elimination, especially in round two. The liberty got such a raw deal. I think the first round would have likely turned out the same even if there had been more games. I can't wait to see what the storm are like next year.

I would like to see the NBA shorten the series in the earlier rounds though, slogging through a lot of the match ups this year was painful to watch.
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