Not to be confused with Beardyman of Kitchen Diaries.
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Since everyone keeps asking what I'm doing for Halloween... Ladies and gentlemen... BEARDY QUINN
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Yes. Absolutely.
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Ha! I guess I'm too familiar with Ladybeard, because the first time I clicked through I scrolled up and down the page, shrugged and closed the tab.

I clicked again after seeing that there was no "more inside" and got the joke. But still: Not much of a stretch from Ladybeard's typical wardrobe.

...and I don't mean this as a criticism, but I was thinking as I typed this: what kind of costume could Ladybeard wear that would surprise and delight me, and the first thing I though of was a mostly nude Ladybeard, with some sort of bear nose and maybe ears, with a small, plush Leo Dicaprio attached to the front of his pelvis.
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I always try to link the original source instead of some content generator's screengrab of it, and unfortunately people sometimes create good content on Facebook. What am I to do?!
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Sassy Lady Face Beard?
Single Link Full Beard?
'Spork Links to Fotos with Beards?
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Still a pity that he isn't part of Ladybaby anymore. :(
I have no idea how this wonderful formation can exist without him (without becoming a regular idol group.)
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What plans does Ladybeard have for the future? “Ladybeard plans to ride around on a robot triceratops when those get invented.”

Someone needs to get to work on this inventing.
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This somehow captures the essence of Andrew WK more than actual Andrew WK.
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