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A subreddit r/Dogberg collects clips of dogs Goldberg spearing humans, animals, and other dogs.
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watched second link to the wrasteling first. was ok, but mildly bored. clicked on first link, left completely delighted. hurrah!
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Oh man that poor person running who was hit by the deer.
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I cannot get enough of animals knocking little kids over. They just hit the ground so hard and satisfyingly.

I am excellent father, really.
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This isn't so much a spear, but damn if it isn't hilarious.
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It looks like... some kind of sidewalk slam!
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Ah, Bulgaroktones; let me tell you of /r Children Falling Over, which gives us such joys as "Look! I'm a lamp!"
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I sent these links to a friend of mine who's expecting. I told him, this may horrify you now, but within two years you'll love it.
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This leads to a highly satisfying rabbit hole of similar collections, like the aptly-named r/OuchMyBalls.
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