They're absolutely haunted by what they're not
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The Ad and the Ego (1997; 57mins; transcript; study guide [PDF]) is a classic documentary featuring sound design by Negativland; it incorporates many well-known ads to ask "Where does advertising end and myself begin?" Aileen Farrar's beginner's introduction (2015; 25mins) to Jacques Derrida's "The Animal That Therefore I Am (More to Follow)" [PDF] offers oblique suggestions regarding the "mixed and confused messages" of Orangina's anthropomorphic animal ads to address another matter of self and difference--how "human identity ... rests upon following the animal."
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1) Orangina is obviously targeting the furries with their advertising. It's peculiarly effective with its imagery in that subculture.

2) The Century Of The Self is sort of a background primer on The Ad And The Ego, and is worthwhile watching. It's about 4 hours long and it's available everywhere if you google it.
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No one makes me think more than Derrida that language is a seizure shared among subgroups of a certain animal, and always only one step from getting completely out of control and destroying all the meaning it has created and then some.
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Both as a fish and from my position at the water company, thanks for these Life-SavingTM links&materials.
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Gah! It looks like "The Ad and the Ego" has already been pulled by some entity called Paralax Pictures Inc. Negativland just can't seem to catch a break...

Does anyone have a suggestion of an available mirror?
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Wow, that's a shame--it had been posted on the Vimeo channel of someone who at least claimed to be Chris Emmanouilides, the executive producer.
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