Soulwalking & John Ponomarenko's Soul Review
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Soulwalking, John Ponomarenko's Soul Review--two sites with some serious design issues on the topic of Soul music. As to the who, what. when and where of Soul Music, I direct you to Peter Guralnick's simply wonderful Sweet Soul Music. It's still in print and should be at your library or a better used bookstore, if you are near a larger urban center. (more inside)
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The Stax Museum--more design issues--is a-building (although if I had my way, I would tear this building down: My eyes! My eyes!) and the slightly easier to view Stax Site is a fan page with more information on links on this crucial label. Yoni's The Soul Of The Net is another favorite of mine and I get a kick out of Miss Funkyflyy's Web Pages.

So this is the short and long of what I came up with in researching the notes for this week's show. Between those above and the links and webrings they connect, you should be able to find what's out there on the topic. However, I definitely recommend you get your hands on Guralnick's book. He writes well about music he loves and is a scrupulous researcher. In fact, I recommend you get your hands on any book he's written. And I am very open to suggestions and additions to this short list...
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Comes with soundtrack, of course...
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just finished Guralnick's "Lost Highway--Journeys & Arrivals of American Musicians" (also still in print. His writings on American music are truly top of the line.
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The soulwalking site may have serious design issues, but it's great to see the old-school UK soulboys keeping things going on the web. There's a whole generation of DJs and listeners (myself amongst them) who came up with the soul and jazz-funk pirate radio stations that were popular around London in the early 80's. Soul24-7 was an attempt to get an internet radio station going in the same vein which unfortunately flamed out, but luckily we have Solar Radio - which was one of the many 80's pirate stations - to take their place.
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