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The database at TV Tango allows you to see the American TV schedule for any day since 1950. You can check out your birthday or any other significant date. They also include TV show ratings going back to late 1982.

Caveats: The site, although it has a massive database, seems to be a work in progress. Some older dates give less than complete info. Other options at the site, such as mapping where fictional (and non-fictional) TV show characters have their residences, are very incomplete.
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My birthday: Jack Benny, Lassie, Loretta Young and Maverick (James Garner). Good company.
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Really cool. It seems to be more complete for weekdays than some weekends for the early seventies? Although maybe I'm remembering shows that were actually from local stations.
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The listing for my birthday is scant, only The Johnny Cash Show, with guests Buffy Sainte-Marie, the Cowsills, Minnie Pearl, and Doug McClure (whoever he is). Going forward in time, I remember seeing some of these shows, but as reruns when I was a kid.

I don't remember anything watching anything as laid out by the TV schedule until my 7th year. It's funny that I absolutely remember as a small child seeing shows that were on the year I was born as reruns, like Love American Style or The Brady Bunch, and thinking they were old-fashioned, though they'd only been on 2-6 years earlier!
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Alice & Trapper John? Booo.
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I was going to use an AskMe to try and find the name of that show I can't remember that I think was on ABC in the early 90s set in the future which would be about now, but I can use this instead. Thanks!
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fuckin' knew I was born while Jack Palance's Ripley's Believe It Or Not was airing
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So for a few minutes I thought I was born while a new Six Million Dollar Man episode was on. Then I discovered it was a little more complicated.
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As a kid who used to read old TV Guides for fun at the library, this feels like the future I was promised.

(Though I born in the wee hours of the morning on the 12th so there's no interesting prime time story about what was on when I was born, Get Christie Love! was airing on ABC on the 11th and I'm just going to pretend that's what my mom was watching when she went into labor even though I know that's not true.)

Edit on preview: Gaz Errant, you're so lucky! Like I'm legit envious.
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How old am I? Newlywed Game old.
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Has the site crashed? What did we do?
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Nevermind birthday, I backed up to date of conception.

The Streets of San Francisco. Aw yeah, go and get it, once-happy parents!
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Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour on the Dumont Network here.
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How old am I? Newlywed Game old.

I lol'ed at mine when I say the bright red 'new' after Gunsmoke, Get Smart and Mission Impossible. I cannot conceive of those not being re-runs.

"The Hollywood Palace
with: Bing Crosby; Ella Fitzgerald; Phil Harris & Alice Faye; the Nitwits; Dom DeLuise; Kendra & Owens New"

I am pretty please by this lineup though.

Lo part of it is on youtube!
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It is quite... um... conceivable that I was born during the original airing of the Star Trek episode "Return of the Archons".

That actually explains quite a bit. #FESTIVALFESTIVAL
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Prime Time the first couple days after I was born was dominated by sitcoms ("Ozzie and Harriet", "The Honeymooners", "Life of Riley" and an eponymous one starring Ray Milland, who I do NOT think of as a comedy actor), anthologies ("Schlitz Playhouse", "Star Stage", "General Electric Theater", "Damon Runyon Theater"), and game shows ("The Name's the Same", "Two for the Money", "People Are Funny", "Break the Bank", "What's My Line?" and "Truth or Consequences"). I remember reading a newspaper from the day I was born with an article about new TV shows about to premiere... and sure enough, there was the first episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". But TangoTV was deficient in its data on kidvid, because it didn't include the Monday after the Friday of my birth the debuts of BOTH "The Mickey Mouse Club" and "Captain Kangaroo" (both of which I had verified after reading the old newspaper).
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Prime time on my birthday: the 84 DNC. I guess I was born a Mondale man.
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