"an English-language home for subtitled audio from around the world"
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Radio Atlas is a website with radio documentaries from around the world, subtitled in English. It has pieces from countries such as Finland, France and Argentina. So far there are 22 different pieces, with more being added.
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As an avid fan of radio storytelling (Snap Judgment, The Moth, Write About Now, etc.) this is swoon-worthy for me. To be able to tap into storytelling in a language I don't speak is a helpful way to get a taste of another culture. That people got this project up and running is a delightful discovery this morning.
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Wow, as a person who is hard of hearing and loves learning about other places, this is catnip to me.
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How does one do English subtitling on radio?
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"Simultaneous video text translation" isn't a very elegant term. If you click on any of the programs, you'll understand quickly why it's just referred to as subtitling.
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;How does one do English subtitling on radio?

Inelegantly, from the sounds of it.
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To Linda has made me cry.

Radio Atlas is wonderful, thank you Kattullus!
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