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David Armand gained fame with his "interpretive dance" of "Torn", which gained further fame when Natalie Imbruglia joined joined him, giving us this wonderful moment. While covered on Mefi before, his recurring appearances on Fast and Loose and Trust Us With Your Life have given us a rich treasure trove of new performances. The collected works of David Armand ("Austrian interpretive dance artist Johann Lippowitz"): Holding Out for a Hero, I Will Survive, You Can't Hurry Love, Careless Whisper, Baby One More Time, Don't Stop Me Now, Love is All Around, We are the Champions, Eye of the Tiger, Fame, Folsom Prison Blues, Human, Eternal Flame, Man in the Mirror, That's My Home, Your Song, Wherever I Lay My Hat, and You're So Vain.
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Folsom County Blues? Mods please hope us!
posted by axiom at 1:01 PM on February 22, 2017

The Bridges Of Folsom County.
posted by hippybear at 1:04 PM on February 22, 2017

I enjoyed the Fulsom Country Blues one.
posted by Floydd at 1:06 PM on February 22, 2017

Shot a man in Folsom County, just to watch him die.
posted by AugustWest at 1:23 PM on February 22, 2017

Enjoyed these. Turn the sound off and try to follow along and I would never get them but for the title of the youtube.
posted by AugustWest at 1:25 PM on February 22, 2017

My husband yelled from upstairs asking me WHAT I was watching just now.
posted by Peach at 1:27 PM on February 22, 2017

I remember seeing the Torn one a loooooong time ago, I never knew he performed it with her later! That was fantastic!
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Mod note: Fixed the Folsom County/Prison one, carry on.
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I will survive, hay, hay!
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Don't Look Back in Anger
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The video where Natalie Imbruglia joins David Armand on stage was geolocked for me. Here's one that worked for me.
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So if I understand how the gameshow works, the contestants on stage wear headphones that block all sound so they can't hear the song. Those must be some really effective, super-potent headphones because it sounds like the song is being played at a moderate-to-high volume for the studio audience.

Serious question: Where can I find one of those headphones? Our office is moving to an open-plan design in a couple of months and I'm truly dreading it.
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Oh, my. This is by far the dumbest thing I have ever enjoyed so thoroughly. Where's the petition to have him do this for "Beat It"?
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Well that made me like Natalie Imbruglia about 200% more.
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Heloise9: “Don't Look Back in Anger
Not sure it's the same video since it was geolocked, but this “Don't Look Back in Anger” made me giggle.
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That man is a genius and a perfect illustration of why we need a universal basic income. I want him to spend all his life doing this and to never have to work.
posted by lollusc at 1:50 AM on February 23, 2017

I mean, I know he is actually a professional comedian, but I specifically mean I would like him to be able to devote the rest of his life to making obscene gestures to music. Should he so wish.
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