You can't dismantle capitalism if you have a headache
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Some Friday levity for activists Raccoons of the Resistance Activism Self Care Workshop

After a troubling week of phone calls and faxes to my House representative, this Guardian cartoon says it all.
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Metafilter: getting well-actually'd by a bag of frozen peas
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In a similar vein, I enjoyed this doggo meme P R O T E S T B O Y E this morning:

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Always good to remember its bread AND roses.
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From hereon I will preface all my objections with "As a bag of frozen peas..."
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Raccoons? So why'd they host a Workshop? I'd have thought an Association Lunch would have been more fitting.
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So we should all do our activism over teleconference while having sex in the back of our Ubers, like aspiring silicon valley execs seeking VC investors, so we become winners, too? Or is this more like, "Hey, remember to drink lots of water?" It's a confusing cultural moment for me...
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From zamboni's Be fierce, furious, and fight! Join the Raccoons of the Resistance! link:
Now that we kinow Trump is afraid of stairs and ramps everyone should dress as a short flight of steps or a mild incline

I think I just figured out my Halloween costume 7 months ahead of time.
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You're going to get some hop ons.
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I love this comic. The ones about climate change (Brenda the climate-denial penguin) are also good.
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f.m was responsible for a poster that was required wall-decoration for everyone in my (former) industry: Dr Onthemoon's self diagnosis windfarm syndrome check list!
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I fucking love this cartoon. <3 Thanks for reminding me it exists--think I'm gonna go get a Raccoons of the Resistance sticker for my laptop, so I remember it and smile more often.
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Love the t-shirts!

I keep hoping for a red t-shirt with a picture of the raccoon wearing the red t-shirt that says "I punch nazis."

Also, one of Science saying "that's Ms Science" would be the best thing ever.

For now I just have to be content with the first dog in space saying "I need a hug, but don't touch me." Which I am going to go put on now.

Resist! Be fierce and fight!
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Woke Michigan Fish For Drinkable Water is warming the cockles of my heart
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