well its....absurd
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well its....absurd check out this website that seems to be very aptly named.
posted by johnnyboy (6 comments total)
pretty cool once you start to dig into the different links. me likey.
posted by eyeballkid at 1:20 AM on April 24, 2002

Is nothingness devoid of meaning? In itself - of course - but is it even possible to realize "nothing" if there isn't "something"? Thus nothing is never nothing in itself but merely a pause between somethings. Even though it is intrinsically meaningless it gains meaning from its context.

We understand that the website you linked to is unusual not from itself but from its surroundings, and because it is unusual it is interesting and makes us realize the norms of what usually constitutes a website. And thus we gain insight and meaning from that which is per se absurd.
posted by cx at 1:22 AM on April 24, 2002

and the colors are cool.
posted by eyeballkid at 1:26 AM on April 24, 2002

Wow, the intro was tight. Made me cringe, thinking that this was one of those JavaScript pransk that would bring down your browser, but it didn't.

Inside, the site has a lot of depth. Glossing over it, it probably doesn't look like much, but I like the choice of fonts they used. Hell, it's a great typography site even though they may not be kerning and whatnot like the other kids. I like the story-telling a lot, too. Check out When Windows Attack.

Thanks for the link johnny.
posted by hobbes at 3:19 AM on April 24, 2002

Check out When Windows Attack.

ahh, the joys that is Windows, alive and well on my Mac :)
posted by mkelley at 6:01 AM on April 24, 2002

You are telling me that there is more to that website than black text on a white background saying, "no java -- no thing"?!?

I thought it was a statement.
posted by cx at 7:09 AM on April 25, 2002

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