The user who was selling Metallica's soul
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The user who was selling Metallica's soul has been banned by EBay for bidding on another item he/she was selling. The strange part of all of this of course, is that I recognized their username when I read this story. Why can't we delete particular items in memory like we do with files on a computer?
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Whoa. Nevermind, this wasn't the user who was selling Metallica's soul. This is the item that was featured in the SF Chronicle yesterday or the day before (on the front page, I believe) as being a possible lost piece of the collection from some famous artist whose name escapes me at the moment. They had all of these art dealers discussing how similar the piece was to many of the works in the artist's Berkeley series -- yeah like they could tell at 72 dpi...
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See here for the many stories on the issue...
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