It was not how I had imagined spending Christmas Eve.
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Twelve years after reporting on the conflict in Darfur, film-maker Phil Cox returned. But this time, the Sudanese government put a price on his head.
In the early morning of 24 December 2016, my friend Daoud and I lay side by side on a blanket, our legs chained at the ankles, secured with heavy padlocks. The sun beat down on the desert. We pleaded with our captors to be moved to the shade, but they ignored us.

The violence in Darfur is usually attributed to ethnic hatred. But global warming may be primarily to blame.
In 2014 the UN described Sudan's western Darfur region as one of the world's worst humanitarian crises.
More than 2.3 million people have been displaced.
Adriane Ohanesian is a photographer, one of the few outsiders who have gained access to the remote territories still tangled in civil war.
(Sudan - previously and Dafur - previously)
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That's one hell of an article.
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The situation in South Sudan is truly terrible. It is very complicated, and climate change and famine are exacerbating a refugee crisis with political violence, gender-based violence. I don't particularly like Jeffrey Gettleman, but he was reporting from South Sudan for the NY Times over the past few days (including a sort of exploitative, romanticized, and gross article about a former child soldier).
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> That's one hell of an article.

Seconded. Thanks for posting it.
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Thank you for that amazing article. Among other things it is a reminder of the fortitude and often invisible heroic lives of refugees and immigrants. I'm imagining being a passenger in Daoud's taxi, chatting about the weather.
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