Mask On, #MaskOff
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Future Inspires Musicians to Take Part in Incredible #MaskOffChallengeThe flute is finally getting the respect it deserves. Thanks to Future's "Mask Off," [NSFW] taken from this year's very good self-titled album, a single sampled flute has inspired a new social media challenge. The growing #MaskOffChallenge hashtag puts black musicians in the spotlight with flute, recorder, violin, and piano covers of the Metro Boomin and Southside-produced cut. More at Buzzfeed.
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I love this! It's been a scowling grudge of mine that talent is perceived as fame, when I know so many bedroom virtuosos you've never heard of. There really aren't many jobs for professional musicians around, and no one can afford to do it for the money. So Jane from accounting is a ninja on the viola. She doesn't make a big deal about it so you'd never know. Ain't no money in that, had to be an accountant to pay the rent.

Then there's the flipside, fame perceived as talent. Look good in a bikini? Get a dance instructor and some autotune. She's worth a million.

It's exciting to see that 'amateurs' can publish so easily now. No need for big corporate support to get heard. I predict good music to arise from the internet native generation.
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The flute is finally getting the respect it deserves


talent is perceived as fame

I think it's weird that so many people seemingly think that the only reasonable goal for anyone who plays or writes music is to be a full-on pop star.
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Play the flute song!
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Seems like the linked version of the original is pitched up or a hair fast, for some reason?
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still bill, I had a hard time trying to find an official version but if there's a better version let the mods know and they can change it.
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This really makes me wish David Rees would start doing his Friday Face-Offs again rounding up and raving about his favorite mostly-amateur covers of a different pop song each week.
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This is probably a good place to push Kutiman on everybody again. He basically made a bunch of people semi-famous by mixing all their great great work (previously and then again about 12 more times on Metafilter if you search his name.)
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