Fly the Whimsical Skies
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Orphanage for Lost Adventures: Jeroen van Kesteren creates steampunk-influenced airships from cardboard, paper and aluminum foil. [via]

More photos on Pinterest.
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I thought the tiny little paper doctor getting dragged off by tiny little paper security was a nice touch...

Would honestly rather fly on any of these than a real airplane, even if these don't really work. They are that awesome, and real flying is that horrible.
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+1, would live in this world.
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Related question: can anyone point me to a repository of steampunk art that I can just look at and forget the world exists?
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Way cool! The detail on these was amazing. Who woulda thunk it?
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Very nice! If you enjoyed this post, and by some mind boggling series of events are unaware of the creative genius of the Professors Foglio, you will in all likelihood also enjoy Girl Genius, which is magnificent steampunk.
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I wish Girl Genius was a series of novels. The title character's resemblance to Paul Williams always throws me.
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pxe2000, then I have good news for you: There are three Girl Genius novels.
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You can scope out the drivable Victorian House that my friends and I built a few years ago, and the actual steam powered car we built to go with it.
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