MORTIMER had his photograph taken in his dress suit.
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If the hostess asks him to have a chair Freddie comes right back at her with "No, thanks; we have chairs at home." If the host offers him a cigar he will say just like a flash, "What's the matter with it?" If one of the men borrows a cigarette and a light from him Freddie will say in that dry voice of his, "Do you want the coupons too?" Of course his wit is pretty fairly caustic, but no one ever seems to take offense at it. I suppose there is everything in the way he says things.
"Men I'm Not Married To", Dorothy Parker, 1922

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(Franklin P. Adams' "Women I'm Not Married To," which ran with Parker's piece is included as well)
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I strongly recommending reading this in Jennifer Jason Leigh's voice.
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This is a really great mix of scathing and also oddly affectionate at times. Makes me realize I'd like to have known Parker but am relieved not to have had a chance to show up on her blog.

I'll have to go to the OCR version for Adams' half since i'm unwilling to read it upside down and Google can't be arsed to rotate the pages.
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I haven't read this in a month of Sundays. Thanks!
posted by The Underpants Monster at 12:56 PM on April 20, 2017 also has a PDF scan of a different edition of the book than Google Books but for some reason I can't get their PDF viewer to load
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Lloyd wears washable neckties

Oh snaaaaaap
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Many of my achievements and many of my sorrows in life have been caused by my twenty-odd years' worth of attempts to imitate Dorothy Parker. It's hard to believe that some of her most caustic work is almost a hundred years old. I was just rereading "An Apartment House Anthology" not long ago, which you'll enjoy if you liked the above.
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Ugh Henry. That guy is the worst.
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Charlie now would be a weed guy, of course.
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MetaFilter: -- more fun than a goat
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Hey now
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That copyright notice is, uh, just:
Copyright, 1922, by
Doubleday, Page & Company
All rights reserved, including that of
translation into foreign languages,
including the Scandinavian
What is going on here precisely, 1922
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"And the beauty of it is that he is not a mere theorist, as a joker; practical--that's Freddie all over."

"But don't let yourself get carried away with success and attempt to branch out into other topics. For you will lose Charlie in a minute if you try it.

But that, now I think of it, would probably be the very idea you would have in mind."

Thank you, griphus, for a wonderful diversion from 2017, and a reminder that I love, love, love, love, love, love, love DP. I hadn't read this one before....I had to pull my copy of The Portable Dorothy Parker (this story was not included in it) off of my bookshelf and fondle it, then open it and skim its pages, remembering favorite poems and book reviews and her reviews of the theatre, and Big Blonde and, well, THANK YOU!!!
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I finished re-reading my portable Parker a while back and I'm always struck by how modern and casual she sounds. While also being so clearly worked over and tinkered with in detail. It's so polished and light that it feels like nothing at all, which makes hurt even more when the knife goes in. It's such a masterful command of tone that even her reviews of boring books no one has read feel like perfectly turned out short comedy pieces.
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including the Scandinavian

Looks like the only resource I can easily find answering this question is a radio program with no transcript, so someone knows the answer to this, but not me.
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I found that radio clip too-- they explain that "including the Scandinavian" because a sort of slang phrase because it widely recognized as part of copyright notices for a few decades, but not, maddeningly, why. Apparently Scandinavian nations were not signatories to some early 20th-c. copyright treaties of some sort?
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