Peep Neat Street Eats
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Hey friend! Do you like cities? Do you like watching people preparing food? Now there's a YouTube channel just for you! Street Food World is a series of videos documenting street vendor cuisine all over the world. Let's start with Japan.

How about Indian burgers?

Or Mexican snacks?

Refreshing Colombian raspas.

Can't leave out London.

Or the Philippines.

Here's Thailand.

Korea. Yum! Octopus!

Oh, look, it's Japan again.

And Japan again.

And Japan again.

And Japan again.


Finally! It's China! All that Japanese food was making me Hungary.

Still got the munchies? There's lots more for intrepid clickers to uncover and salivate over in the channel videos!
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London video leads with doner kebab, as is right.
posted by leotrotsky at 4:03 PM on April 29, 2017

Yes please.
posted by ActingTheGoat at 5:49 PM on April 29, 2017

and thank you, while we're at it!
posted by ActingTheGoat at 5:50 PM on April 29, 2017

Great post! Here's Taiwan, with it's numerous night markets.
posted by FJT at 8:34 PM on April 29, 2017 [3 favorites]

Oh, yes. I am going to watch every single one of these.
posted by dowcrag at 1:16 AM on April 30, 2017

Yatai is great.
posted by oheso at 1:41 AM on April 30, 2017

They need to do a few more of Bangkok quickly, before most of it disappears.
posted by Alnedra at 2:18 AM on April 30, 2017 [2 favorites]

Very nice. Unfortunately it's on YouTube and I made that terrible mistake again. Aargh!!!
posted by 1head2arms2legs at 5:08 AM on April 30, 2017

I love this content so so much but the presentation is driving me crazy.

No explanation of what we're seeing.

Badly overexposed video.

No translation of the conversations he has with the vendors.

posted by xthlc at 3:40 PM on April 30, 2017

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