2016 Tiptree Symposium: Ursula K. Le Guin
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Last December, the University of Oregon hosted the second Tiptree Symposium, this year focusing on the works of writer Ursula K. Le Guin. The videos of all the panels and speeches are available for streaming.

On the eve of the symposium, Dr. Alexis Lothian delivered the Sally Miller Gearhart Lesbian Lecture, "Queer Longings in Straight Futures: Notes Toward a Prehistory for Lesbian Speculation."

Panel 1: Ursula K. Le Guin and the Field of Feminist Science Fiction
Moderated by Julie Phillips, with panelists Karen Joy Fowler, Suzy McKee Charnas, Vonda N. McIntyre, Debbie Notkin, and Molly Gloss

Panel 2: UO Prof. Edmond Chang's Feminist SF students on The Word for World is Forest
Moderated by Philip Scher, with panelists Allison Ford, Lauren Stewart, Keegan Williams, and Kylie Pun

Karen Joy Fowler's Keynote Speech, "Ursula Le Guin and the Larger Reality"

Panel 3: Speculative Gender and The Left Hand of Darkness
Moderated by Alexis Lothian, with panelists Aren Aizura, micha cárdenas, and Tuesday Smillie
Tuesday Smillie's painting series, Reflecting Light into the Unshadow
micha cárdenas, Pregnancy

Panel 4: The Dispossessed and Le Guin's Fiction as Inspiration for Activism
Moderated by Joan Haran, with panelists adrienne maree brown and Grace Dillon

Panel 5: Kelly Sue DeConnick and Ben Saunders, New Directions in Feminist Science Fiction: A Conversation with Kelly Sue DeConnick

Brian Attebery's Keynote Speech, "The James Tiptree Jr. Book Club: A Mitochondrial Theory of Literature"
This speech was also published on Tor.com.
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Wonderful, thank you! I look forward to spending time watching these, and adding to my reading list.
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Thank you!
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Fantastic! I have a very soft spot for this sort of thing, as I was lucky enough to take classes from Jonathan Herman, who wrote several pieces on her translations / adaptions of Taoist works, and who I understood to be on very good terms with her. I will be going through all of this later! Thank you!
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For more brilliance like this, check out WisCon 41.
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