Dried Leaves Crocheted into Delicate Sculptures
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"At the intersection of thread, leaves, and her steady hands, artist Susanna Bauer produces miraculous little sculptures that fuse the natural world with the handmade..."
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Sort-of-related recent post, which links to Bauer's work in the comments...
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These are gorgeous. I love the little leaf cubes. They are all so precise, they're‚Äč like little surreal miracles.
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Love these, and while I'm seriously uncrafty I'm thinking of modifying these ideas into something simpler to create with my kids, I think they will be entranced with this concept. Plus I think this will fit right in with their fairy garden.
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These are beautiful! Thank you for posting.
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Love these, thank you.
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Lovely. I get ideas this detailed and never get past making the first cut.
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I read somewhere else she does this to cool down from her stressful day job as a surgeon of nematodes and houseflies.
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I want all of them.
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How the everloving @#?& do you sew complicated embroidery patterns into dried leaves?

I'm having a nervous breakdown just thinking about it.

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This is why I come to metafilter.
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My jaw literally dropped. These are amazing.
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Oh my god! Surprising, beautiful, and amazing!
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Wow, these are amazing. The ones where the leaves are rolled, with the end of the tube covered over. Those are my favorite
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These are beautiful. I love dried leaves, but they're so fragile - the thought of how easily they crumble would put me off trying even a simpler version of these. I remember when I was a kid I used to see instructions for preserving leaves with glycerine, which kept them supple but also a bit shiny, but Bauer seems to manage with the genuinely dry and crumbly-looking ones.
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Absolutely beautiful. Something my big, meaty fingers can't even consider. Then again, they can't consider anything, since they're just fingers.

Stupid fingers.
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Wow. So beautiful. I do fairly tiny crochet, but it would never have occurred to me to do something like this. How does she make the holes? How does she get the hook through the holes without tearing the leaves? Just gorgeous.
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These are great and remind me of one of my favourite artists, Andy Goldsworthy
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I need to learn how to crochet.
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Beautiful, thanks so much for posting.
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These are gorgeous! I have no idea how she would have done this without wrecking the leaves. I am a knitter and have only the most rudimentary of crochet skills, but she's on a level even most crocheters probably only aspire to.
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Really amazing from a "how the hell did she even do that" technical perspective, and also amazing from an aesthetic perspective.
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I've been in awe of this artist for a while now. She also posts her work on Instagram here.
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Fantastic... thanks for posting....
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