Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project
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Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project sets out to explore the heritage of the cultures of the Silk Road through artistic performances, cultural festivals and educational programs. The Silk Road Ensemble, led by Ma, performs new and traditional musical compositions from the various cultures of the Silk Road and have recently released their first CD. There is an article about it all in today's NYT.
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Skimmed the site... interested me as I was doing something with a Rushdie quote similar to Ma's idea of migration cultures. The navigation's mediocre, though. I can't move my cursor horizontally without vertical movement, which causes the submenu to disappear.

For those who forgot: MeFi user/pass for NYT (metafilter1/metafilter)

"At the far end of the ancient Silk Road there was no dearth of silk, tea or music, but there was a shocking shortage of syllables. No matter how they were strung together, they did not suffice to name the things, let alone the millions of people, that needed naming."

huh? May someone explain that for me? The Chinese didn't know how to speak?
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May someone explain that for me?

I explain it as just poor, pretentious writing. I agree about the site navigation too, it's really frustrating. At least the music is good, that's the main thing. I got the CD and I'm enjoying it very much, especially the Persian influenced pieces.
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The CD is lovely, but, I must highly recommend anyone who has a chance to see the Ensemble live to do so. It is truely moving and varies from performance to performance depending on the players assembled for a particular city.
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