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The 2007 Invasion of the Bodysnatchers is generally considered to suck, with a flat performance from Kidman, a weak ending and no Donald Sutherland. But what if it there was more to it than people thought? 'The Invasion' as Anti-Fascist film [via mefi projects]
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Why post a spoiler to the excellent remake with Sutherland? Uncool!
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The Sutherland "Body Snatchers" was released in 1978. I think that passes the statute of limitations for spoilers, esp for remakes. It's a bit of pop culture now.

As for the meat of the post, it's an interesting hypothesis and the author makes a strong case for it. I certainly had no interest in the 2007 version when it was announced and seems that it was under-promoted and quickly overlooked. Maybe, as mentioned, it's main star was a middle-aged mother.

.... aaaaand now I see The Whelk wrote it. No wonder I liked it.
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(It still sucks)
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No love for the 1990s Abel Ferrara reboot? It's got a wonderfully paranoid turn by Forrest Whitaker and aliens trying to sneak up on Gabrielle Anwar taking a bubble bath.
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Watching the two trailers back to back I have to admit the 2007 remake looks much better. Not sure if that's because it's a better film or just a much better trailer.
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