Most of the letters are like that: positive, gentle.
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That was interesting; thanks for the post. I was one of the many who wrote Hillary a letter, and was wondering if/who would read it.
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I wrote her, too. Reading this article was very difficult.
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Is he her Gary?
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Clinton-themed style and usage guide, governed by a few simple rules for both the letters (“consistent use of the Oxford comma”)

And I thought I couldn't love her any more than I do.
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And I can't even even answer my email on a consistent basis.
posted by COD at 5:48 AM on May 31, 2017

Of all the sad stories I read last November, I think that the saddest was from someone who, a day or so after the election, looked at the laptop of their 13-year-old daughter and saw a letter that was begun on election night and never finished. The only words in the document were "Dear Madam President".

I thought of writing her myself, but could never find the words. I'm glad that others were able to.
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[Fixed link; thanks, introp]
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Oh Zonker that made me tear up!

I had wanted to write her but never did. Sounds like my message has made it after all.
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Welp, now I'm mourning the loss of her Presidency all over again.
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The sense of loss I continue to feel over her not being president is especially strong today after reading this. Thank you for sharing it, Chrysostom.
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He could show you, for instance, any one of the 110,000 letters he has drafted since 2008, because he keeps them scanned and alphabetized in a folder on his computer.

I wonder if his computer is FOIA'able.
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I've never wanted to write a letter to a public figure more than I did on Election Day. I didn't even like her but the whole thing just felt like such a personal humiliation. The first emotion I remember having upon learning she had lost was sympathetic pain for her. I've never felt like that for a politician before.
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I asked my sister this morning, "When did I become a grumpy old woman?" She replied, "The exact same moment I did."

Thank you for sharing this. It makes me feel . . . gentler, perhaps.
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I haven't written my letter...yet. I had hand surgery on November 10th. I couldn't even use the computer for 4 weeks and frankly, I'm not sure what I would have written then if I could have. I've definitely come a long way in my grief and my admiration for her since then. I really have to write that letter.

Thank you for posting this, Chrysostom.
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I wrote her as well, helplessly and hopelessly telling her I was sorry. It was a couple days after the election and it was cathartic. I'm sorry, Hillary. We just didn't deserve you.

Glad to hear she still has peeps watching her back.
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I bought Wonder Woman stamps to mail my card to her. It took me a while to figure out what to say.
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*sighs* *cries*
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After reading this article I was very excited to get my thank you for your letter letter today. Thank you guy who answers Hillary Clinton's mail.
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I got my thank you today!
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