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Techmoan is a YouTube channel about old, weird, obsolete, kitschy, expensive, cheap, bizarre, and charming technology.
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I've been watching him for a couple of years.
Make sure you watch all the way the end for the snarky Muppets. (only on selected videos)
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Yes! Love me some whingy Techmoan muppets. My favorite is "long-suffering wife," although "studio audience applause granddad" is great, too :)
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Long-time viewer as well. I cannot get enough of old tech.
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And it's not just "hey here's some weird old thing I got on eBay", it usually comes with a ridiculous amount of supporting material.
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I've seen a few of these, I think my favorite is the one about ludicrous early auto-reverse tape decks.

So much effort went in to engineering and constructing a solution to an extremely minor annoyance that only affluent First-world people were even in a position to experience.

Today we have $400 fruit mash tube squeezer machines and Uber for dogs. Plus ça change, I guess.
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He just seems so charmingly...nice. He just does his thing, and isn't terribly shocking or anything.
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I've been watching this guy for months cause he pushes all my vintage tech buttons. I love how much of a nerd he is about what he reviews, but he's never shitty. Which, sadly, seems like a requirement to make YouTube videos.
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I like his appropriately bleak and English explanation for how he (literally) lost his sense of taste:

For everyone wanting to know more about my lack of a sense of taste....it's not really relevant to this video but for some reason the condition seems to really interest people....but the short(er) answer is that it just faded away and won't be coming back. So enjoy trying different foods while you can because sometimes these things can just happen.

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I mean, seriously, I would love to grab a cuppa with him and just follow him around his digs.

(He just seems SO nice...)
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I love that channel! Tons of esoteric weirdness...
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He reminds me of the 8-bit Guy. 8-bit Guy covers older computer tech. Also, no puppets. But he's just as interesting.
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Yay for Techmoan! I'm a sucker for retro tech youtube channels and he's great at it -- comes up with all kinds of weird old stuff and his videos are always so thorough, the amount of research he does is staggering. Clint of Lazy Game Reviews also has an occasional series called Oddware that's kind of in the same wheelhouse about bizarre obsolete tech.
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I just discovered his channel over the weekend, and spent a good bit of the weekend watching videos. Definitely recommended.
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