Just in case you thought that the New 52 was a bad idea
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DC comics hacks try to make Zero Hour look good in this most nineties of promo videos, as some poor sod cosplaying Parallax looks on and spouts mildly edgy one liners. (Zero Hour at Wikipedia.)
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Mullet Superman! Impulse! A jumping on point for readers confused by continuity!
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...And of course the Parallax stuff fitting in so poorly with these fairly staid comics type talking about their new batch of stories is the cherry on the top.

Could be worse though, enjoy these vintage photos of Dave Gibbons (watchmen) as superhero "editor" of Tornado "Big E".
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Ha ha, Gunfire. As seen in Hitman One Million.
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I'd still say that New 52 was worse, because it was so very bad.
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I was reading DC's Doc Savage at the time, part of the First Wave series. DC cancelled the last issue when the New 52 came out. It wasn't a brilliant comic, but it did piss me off that I didn't find out the end of the story arc.
Just found out it was released digitally a year later...
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There was a pretty great issue of Robin that was part of Zero Hour. A young Dick Grayson interacts with Tim Drake.
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I don't see a problem with New 52, it gave us Blackest Night and Brightest Day runs, Justice League Dark, Death of the Family Batman run Flashpoint Paradox etc. All of which were epic scale amazing stories with a variety of characters both old and new. I never quite understood why people hated on it so bad. Maybe someone can enlighten me?
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