April 30, 2002
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Sure, let's abandon that mission altogether. Or, how the UN became the Muppet Show, and how we switch it on and off as we damn well please. I mean, very useful when it comes to providing excuses for weapons inspections with regimes that do not cooperate, but very convenient as well when we can just turn around and walk away when it comes to scrutinizing allies. But hey, it's not like Ariel didn't want to, he just wanted to be scrutinized on his terms. A bit like taking an exam but bringing your own teacher. Nothing wrong with that, is there? I'm sorry, and I forgot: Saddam really is a bad boy, isn't he? He sent his big bad army to his poor and defenseless neighbor, boohoohoo. Of course what Ariel is doing in Palestina is much different, isn't it? Oh, the Palestinians do not HAVE an army to defend themselves? And there is no international coalition coming to their rescue? OK, but Saddam didn't have Kuweiti suicide bombers making a big mess at home did he now? And well, on the other hand, even if they wanted to, there wasn't a lot the Kuweiti youngsters could get very upset about and blow themselves up by the dozens, like, at random, the right to an own country? Violations of UN resolutions for 35 years? But honestly, even if we admitted Israel might be a little out of line, there is nothing we can do against a country's souvereignty. No, we respect that. Well, at least if you're an ally. No, and honestly, watching CNN and David Letterman will do, won't it, for our peace of mind? Kermit?
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You want to troll? Well here we go:

The UN is a farce, always has been impotent, always will be impotent. The fact that there are 50 muslim countries that are members of the UN and one Jewish country has determined the point of view repeatedly, much more so than the US. I mean Syria is on the Security Council, SYRIA! I mean, I suppose Syria is secure since they are only destabilizing everyone else's borders, not their own.

I don't disagree with the fact that rejecting the UN's queries looks bad, but Israel is a sovereign nation, the UN is not a governing body. I don't believe Russia has allowed factfinders in to explore Chechnya (I may be wrong on that one). There is no impetus to allow the UN into a sovereign country. (And I don't want to hear about Saddam, he was given back his sovereignty in exchange for allowing a UN committee in) There are thousands of examples where there are attrocities worse than the worse things Israel has been accused of, yet the UN doesn't get involved. This is pandering to the Muslim members of the UN, plain and simple.

As far as the facts in Jenin are concerned, up until now the vast majority of the approximately 50 bodies that have been found are young males consistent with the profile of the terrorists. I personally believe that Annan decided that the inquiry would probably vindicate Israel, and so decided to drop the matter. This is a PR nightmare for Israel because people like Coyroy can scream till they're hoarse about conspiracies.

In closing, I hate you all, you're wrong, I'm right.
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Well, that makes two lengthy, editorial front page diatribes in two days. What made you decide that your own personal sarcasm-tinged point of view was funny/insightful enough to merit over 1/2 a screen of real estate?
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Ugh. I would comment but I cannot bring myself to read all the crap coyroy spewed...
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What pardonyou said!
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Apparently, coyroy goes off his meds about once a year.
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I don't know where to begin, so I won't bother. Two thoughts:

1. Logest FPP ever? Or just one of the worst?
2. What wsfinkel said - on all points, especially the UN is a farce.

Well to wrap it up, I'll take the first link back from google on a United Nations Farce query.
Actually funny how right on it is.
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What dchase said. Get your own blog.
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I'm sorry, pardonyou, totally forgot about the 1-line limit. Doh!
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No, and honestly, watching CNN and David Letterman will do, won't it

This was the first hit in a google search for "David Letterman" and "UN farce" (which was redirected to "David Letterman" "UN force"). I'm not sure why...
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