Requiem for a Hurdy-Gurdy
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Alexis Vacher covers Clint Mansell's "Lux Aeterna" from Requiem for a Dream (a/k/a That String Piece That's Been In A Million Movie Trailers)...on a hurdy-gurdy.
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Very nice!
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Not to be a killjoy, obviously this is very neat--but I am SO sick of this music... it really needs a kazoo cover, to take the piss out of it.
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A versatile instrument, that hurdy-gurdy.
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It doesn't matter what else this song is used in, it always makes me think of Tappy Tibbons and that's never conducive to the tone people try to set with the music.
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Now where have most people probably seen a hurdy-gurdy? Oh, that's right.

Butt wait there's more.
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A versatile instrument, that hurdy-gurdy.

That's what struck me.
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Also, behold a spunky, funky hurdy gurdy.
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The opening credits music for Black Sails (my new favorite show on Hulu after Handmsids Tale) is done on the hurdy gurdy. Its perfect for pirate stuff!
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I am SO sick of this music...

Fortunately, there are many other Lux Aeternae to choose from.

Here are some I like:
György Ligeti
Morten Lauridsen
George Crumb
Erik Westberg
Terje Rypdal

(Try that on an hurdy gurdy, Colonel. Just try.)
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If you're intrigued by the hurdy-gurdy, you might like Greg Jolivet's work. Greg is the current hurdy-gurdy player with Blowzabella. Their previous hurdy-gurdy man was Nigel Eaton, also very much worth checking out. And if you want to see the instrument pushed to new levels of virtuosity and expressiveness, try Matthias Loibner. The nearest hurdy-gurdy gets to pop (Wendy and Lisa aside) is probably Patty Gurdy.
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From what I remember, and admittedly I've never been in a position where I had the fortitude to watch Requiem for a Dream, but in the movie Lux Aeterna is used deeply sarcastically, right? I mean, it's a movie about people whose addictions are destroying them, and from what I remember this song is used when their delusional state completely consumes them.
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I love me some Lux and the hurdy gurdy is a cool instrument... but if you're going to put something through that many ableton filters you might as well be rattling a stick in a bucket
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Came in to basically share what pipeski shared, links to great players, such as Matthias Loibner who is truly one of the top players (the top one I would say but I am biased I suppose as I have kown him for a long time, and certainly Greg Jolivet and Nigel Eaton are superb, also Giles Chabenat is definitely worth checking out and Cliff Stapleton just to give two more), and just want to supplement with some female virtousos - Tobie Miller and Anne-Lise Foy come to mind.
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