free-range chickens only, presumably
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obvious Breaking Bad reference aside, this has to be good news, because there has never been enough good fried chicken.
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Ahhhh why did it have to be that goddamn Nashville hot.
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How does a company do this? I've owned stores before and may own another in the future. How do you get the word out that you're keen to give these people opportunities?
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see also, Homeboy Industries
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Dobbs, my first thought is to get in touch with parole departments in your area and let them know you're looking to hire. Often actively seeking employment is a condition of parole but can be hard for officers to both encourage what seems pointless to some individuals and also difficult to verify compliance.
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Hot Chicken Takeover has also (deservedly) received a boatload of local press, which I think has had to have helped get word out.

I love this place. Initially it was only open a few days a week during lunch, so it was interesting watching a place slowly build buzz with a strategy of scarcity. I can remember hour long lines out the door, but now they are expanding locations and it's much more accessible.
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Hah, good point: "I would tell an employer that you paid taxes for that individual to be incarcerated, so what do you want on your rate of return? . . . Don't be afraid to give this person an opportunity."

This video is really well done. Thanks.
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Fried chicken is so fucking good.
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I love HCT (though I suspect they've lowered their heat levels recently).

How does a company do this?

By being good at what they do, and being clear about their mission.

When they first opened they were literally a hole in a wall (i.e., just a walk-up window) with some picnic tables. Word got out how good the food was and there were lines around the block for it. Eventually they moved into a very popular market which attracted even more attention. I believe for a long time they were also the highest rated restaurant around Columbus on Yelp. Anyways, they got a lot (and I mean a lot) of press and have always been very up front about their mission. They've become popular enough to open their first standalone location a few weeks ago, and another is in development. There is definitely demand for the food, so its awesome to see them growing to a couple other locations to serve that demand and employ more people.
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Ahhhh why did it have to be that goddamn Nashville hot.

They have excellent non-hot chicken too. And banana pudding worth of a visit just on its own.
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They just opened a location a mile or so from me.
So goddamned good!

Didn't know they were doing this though-so i now have an excuse to spend more money there!
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God I love hot chicken takeover. I used to live within walking distance of their north market location... Now it's a rare treat when I'm back in town visiting (and not to be missed under any circumstances).
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Similar restaurant+ up north here in Cleveland. The founder is now running for mayor.
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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
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For great gas station fried chicken (I'm not kidding) check out the Krispy Krunchy chicken nearest you. They set up shop inside convenience stores. There's one inside a Sunoco about a block from my house and it is legit.
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Berger & Wyse on fried chicken.
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I love Hot Chicken Takeover, both for the amazing food (I could drink that ranch dressing) and their mission. That said, the new location being a 60 second walk from my house is both a blessing and a curse.
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