Not all eggs are egg-shaped
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"Cracking the Mystery of Egg Shapes" Short graphic-rich description of a study of egg shape, with a software model in which the egg definitely came before the chicken.
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Gorgeous and informative!

Related: the egg of Columbus.
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Good post. Thank you.
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Okay, unnecesary bipartisan time-
I'd rather have an unusually pointy egg (murre) as opposed to an egg with no point at all (perfectly round ones, or perfectly oblong ones).

Perfectly oblong ones are, by far, the most unsettling. (Maleo eggs).
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Eggs are beautiful and amazing structures. This was super interesting, thanks!
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Though I love the visuals in this article, I can also enthusiastically recommend Science Magazine's podcast, which Sarah Crespi hosts! A great combination of "studies explained in a minute" and "authors interviewed for ten minutes."
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At least on mobile, the visuals were really clear and nicely done. Neat fpp.
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Yeah this is great. Apropos of nothing (OK, it is almost lunch time), I wonder if all bird eggs are edible. I personally have only had chicken and quail myself.
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Another vote for cool post!

I personally have only had chicken and quail myself.

I bought a duck egg at the farmers market a while back. I love eggs, and it basically tasted like an egg, but it felt weird eating it.
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