Their detractors called pigs “walking sewers.”
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New York City's first battle over gentrification involved the 20,000 hogs that freely roamed the streets.
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Hogs you say?
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Backstory podcast has a great segment on this very subject.
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Hog ownership was the last vestige of economic self-sufficiency—a way of living that protected families from the market economy’s violent swings. It gave them a modicum of control over the value of their work by providing an alternative or supplement to wage labor.

I think I may have a new and very specific platform for Occupy...
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In William Kennedy's "O' Albany" details the traditional dutch practice of keeping pigs in the streets and then just tossing their garbage on the streets.
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When I was a kid the mess halls on post had separate bins for 'edible garbage' that was fed to hogs. Maybe it was left over from wartime frugality. It made so much sense to my six year old self: free pork from food waste. Never seen it anywhere else. I can see why you wouldn't want the hogs running the streets though.
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A social safety net made of bacon?
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In a major anti-hog court case of the time, the prosecution charged pigs with attacking children, defecating on people, and “compelling” ladies “to view swine copulating in public view.”

The horror!!
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“compelling” ladies “to view swine copulating in public view.”

I guess they were clutching pearls before swine?
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My main takeaway from this is at that point the streets of New York were so filled with garbage that you could raise hogs on them. New York was a literal sty.
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Cairo's Christian community used to raise pigs because unlike the Muslim majority, they could. They also were the garbage collectors for the. It's and fed what was edible by pigs to the pigs. Later of course they ate the pigs. Cairo was a fairly clean city.
After the various political upheavals the government ordered all the pigs to be killed. The city is actually less clean now.
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