Nazis alive and well in England
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Nazis alive and well in England Far-right extremists have sent a "chill factor" across the country after they claimed a symbolic victory in English local elections
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Democracy: like it or lump it but that's how it works. Hardly a majority though.
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For some extra background, David Aaronovitch, columnist for The Independent and listed on the BNP's list of 'Jews in the Media', recently went to interview/confront its leader Nick Griffin.

I've got to say I'm saddened but not surprised at the Burnley result. Partly an element of blame has got to attach to the Labour government's policy over the last few years of jumping on the Immigration Crackdown bandwagon; as Jospin's found to his cost in France, if you try and campaign on the right's traditional territory then you're always going to find that they can outflank you and at the price of not engaging with other issues of concern to the voters.

Possibly a more interesting question is that in the run-up to these local elections "Burnley and Oldham" were both mentioned as BNP top targets, and the party seems to have succeeded in one while not the other. In that case, what's the Oldham formula? I'd suspect it's something to do with micro-politics and how effective local initiatives and campaigning has been, not Alastair Campbell threatening the Burnley economy on national radio.
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"With the simplicities of bigotry
And to whom all the world's a stage
These little John Bullshits know that the press
Will glorify their feats
So that the general public fear them
And the authorities say give 'em all seats"
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I think it's important to put this into perspective: "The BNP won three council seats out of 15 in the run-down northern industrial town of Burnley but failed to score in any of the 67 seats it fought elsewhere. The seats they won were just three out of 6,000 up for grabs across the country."
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so when the communists won a seat in cornwall, or where-ever it was, in the last decade did that show a swing to the left nationally? did it heckers like.
i agree, CatherineB, the major parties should show a bit more intelligence in dealing with the subject of immigration. simply, there is not a problem with immigration, we need it, people (for whatever reason) want to come here. the only problem is with the trafficers making money out of these peoples yearn to earn (or gain a quality of life not possible in their home countries, to put it another way). get rid of all border controls for immigration in europe, i bet it makes no difference whatsoever to the numbers of people moving around.

some great statistics to throw around the pub, or club, or dining table:
biggest abusers (by far) of uk work visas - australians/kiwis.
percentage of kurdish population in sighthill, glasgow who have a degree 60%, national average for uk 10%(or lower).
Is the UK being ‘swamped’ by asylum seekers?
Only 0.3% of the population are asylum seekers.
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Great statistics, asok! I always knew those bloody auzzie barstaff at the local were up to no good, and now I have proof.
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Good for them! About time someone here took an interest in our own countrys affairs rather than take orders from Brussels, somewhere in Euroweenie land.
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stevridie, unfortunately, the interview with the BNP leadership linked in the second comment brings down your trolling attempt. Better luck next time.
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Whenever I post here I end up being told that I'm trolling. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. But I am entitled to my opinion whether you like it or not.
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stevridie, prehaps you should read what has been contributed already before posting ...
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I don't think your opinion makes you a troll - I think your opinion makes you a dick.
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I've been mugged by an asylum seeker. So I would have that view. I'd love to see the back of them, taking our jobs,woman and mugging us in the streets.

But hey thats life!
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(I think jackiemcghee just penned the latest MeFi tagline...)
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Whenever I post here I end up being told that I'm trolling.

Doesn't that tell you something?

I'd love to see the back of them, taking our jobs,woman and mugging us in the streets

And what particular job of yours was taken by an asylum seeker? All I see is immigrants from poorer countries ending up with the jobs nobody else wants on wages nobody else would accept. Perhaps that's your idea of a dream job.
By woman, I assume you mean women - either you really are as stupid as you appear, or you have some evidence for this 'woman stealing', I'd like to see it.
As for being mugged, I was mugged by a white teenager, should I hate all white teenagers?
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