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Long-haul trucking, forensic investigation, innovative cooking, endurance racing—by women. Even though women have been in the haulage industry for a long time, people are still surprised when a woman drops out of a semi's cab. In a university, there's a club whose members study and investigate real crime cases; there's only one young man in the group Girl Detectives. In Nashville, there's a restaurant owner who's been confounding the local food style for quite a while A Woman's Kitchen. And there an all-woman endurance race in the desert Rebelle Rally.
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Please click on "long-haul trucking" for the first link. Sort of lost my way; sorry.
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I've only read the first two so far, but these are really good.
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There's also Rallye Aïcha Des Gazelles Du Maroc if you're into women-exclusive off-road desert racing . It's in its 28th year now according to the web site.
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I wish Rebelle was open to motorcycles and even vaguely affordable. (Holy shit, I knew entry fees were high, but they're $12,000!!! JFC. The Dakar is not a whole lot more than that.) Off-road endurance racing is FUN! It'd be super interesting to do it with a bunch of women. I entered my first race this year--I was the only woman in my class, and one of only maybe half a dozen women in the whole race.
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Jerioski used to want to be a police officer. But she’s small in stature and her involvement in the club has helped her realize that she wants to pursue criminal law instead. “I’m not very intimidating-looking and I don’t think anyone would take me seriously [as a cop],” she says, “but I think I’ll do a lot better in the courtroom, being able to work on cases.”

I like the idea of students honing their critical thinking and investigative skills. I hope some of them use these skills to help overturn wrongful convictions, like the one spotlighted in this FPP (Kristine Bunch, who was helped by the Northwestern Legal Clinic).
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