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headshaver.org Everything you want to know about shaving your head.
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<namedrop>Lou Gossett Jr.</namedrop> told me that he doesn't shave; he covers his scalp with Nair and then scrapes the hair off with a credit card.
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I've often considered shaving my head, but I'm more than a little apprehensive about what the shape of my head will be.
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I have personally shaved my head about 12 times in my life with a safety razor, and have helped and seen countless others do the same (I swam competitively.)
-From the FAQ Section:
"Will I bleed? Does it hurt?
Yes, you will probably bleed, especially your first time"
Ok, do you really want to take their advice now?

-Also from the FAQ section:
"Personally, I prefer the Gillette Mach 3 razor"
-coupled with, from the How To Shave Your Head guide:
"You'll probably have to make several passes to get it nice and smooth."

To put it bluntly, you will DEFINITELY be bleeding if you take this advice. Don't say I didn't warn you...
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as Vincent Price's arch-villain character from Batman would say: Eggcellent!

i actually own a headblade - the blades it uses aren't the best, but it does work better than a traditional razor for me.
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I've shaved my head before, and never have I seen any blood nor experienced any pain. I'm with zekinskia, this FAQ is FUQ'd.
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starvingartist: that's a legitimate concern. I was in a similar situation as zekinskia, and was mortified to discover that my head is grotesquely misshapen. No point, no sphere, just kind of lumpy. But hair grows back, and mine quicker than most.

My current roommate shaves his head, and he just clips it first with a high-quality hair trimmer then uses a Norelco-style electric razor to touch it up. Works fine for him, no cuts or nicks or anything. He doesn't get quite as smooth of a finish as you would with a razor, but with electrics it's easy enough to touch up your 'do before you go out.

If you do decide to shave your head - remember sunscreen. There are few things more irritating than a sunburned scalp.
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Why not electric? I've never cut myself with a beard trimmer and have shaved my head at least 100 times. Of course I'm leaving a 16th of an inch but you can take it all the way down with a regular electric norelco pain and blood free.
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I keep my receding noggin shorn.

Getting rid of my hair was the best thing I ever did. Next to quitting smoking (1 year June 1st! Woohoo), which I did the exact same day.
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I'm a believer!

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That headblade is truly, truly cool.
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apple enthusiasts may remember headshaver. (note: no link between headshaver.org and the person described in the google story should be inferred)
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Hmm, clippers get close enough for me. The stubble is fun and you can never stop playing with it, especially at first. Starving, do it mate. You'll never be bored again.
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i just use clippers with no guard. it gets close enough for me. Some of my friends keep on me about shaving it with a razor. just haven't gotten around to it.
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Well, if you're skeptical about doing it yourself, there's always Barber Kent (picture gallery)...
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I actually shaved my head for the first time in Feb. What's the big deal? I'm a chick.

I had always thought I'd do it sometime...no reason other than many people - women especially - use hair almost as a shield. I realized that the only reason i never did it was because i was scared of how people would look at me. So I let my boyfriend shave my head. Luckily it wasn't malformed and I was able to pull the look off. No regrets.

I had to sleep with a hat for the first few days though...I was always cold.
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I've come really close, with a stylist using an electric clipper. Just long enough to not be stubble. I do like this, especially in the summertime, as I overheat easily, but my main problem is that I still have a very lush head of hair, pushing 40. My dad's male-pattern-baldness began in his 20s. Though I've been told that hair-growth patterns tend to come from the mother's side, it still makes me leery of rejecting this particular heavenly gift. So I figure I might go for bald in ten years or so.

I always liked the Friends episode with the girlfriend that Rachel wants to get rid of:

Bonnie: I think I brought back half of the beach in my hair. It was so much easier when I used to shave my head.

Rachel: Y'know, I gotta tell ya, I just loved your look when you were bald.

Bonnie: Really?!

Rachel: Ohh!

Bonnie: Because I think about shaving it all off again sometime.

Rachel: I mean you definitely should do that.

Bonnie: Yeah, thank you Rachel, you are soo cool.

Rachel: Awww, stop. Come on. Now go shave that head!


Ross: Wh-haa-haa! Look what ‘cha did! (Rachel has her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing.)

Bonnie: You wanna touch it?

Ross: Okay. (He gently touches it.) You can feel all the bones in your skull....


Ross: I was having a little chat with ah, Bonnie, and ah, guess what, she-she happened to bring up y'know, who was behind the um, whole head shaving idea, and now, who was it? Oh, that’s right, that’s right, it was you!

Rachel: That was her idea, I just gave her a nudge.

Ross: She said you gave her the razor!

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I recently shaved my head and it bled like crazy. But I am also an incompetent boob, so your mileage may vary. Easy maintenance + summer time breeze were my main reasons...
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I had a shaved head a few years ago.
Phrase I most repeated during that period :
"What exactly is the problem, officer?"
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owilllis, you just have a bumpy head. :)
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Just shaved my mohawk down to a number 1 all over...... So sad.
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For those who have shorn their heads really close but not gone all the way and used a razor... try it. Really. If you think stubble is hard to keep your hands off of, just wait until your skull is completely smooth.

I admit I get lazy and just "mow" it with an electric for a few days in a row... but going back to a real shave afterwards is like taking a real shower after a weekend of backpacking. :)

I've only cut my head a couple of times, both with a Shick triple-blade disposable POS. The Mach 3 is worth it.
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I want to shave my head. My stylist and my wife both tell me I can't. Grrr.

That guy that plays the principal on Boston Public -- what's up with his corrugated head? Bad car accident, or too much skull fat?
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i've been shaving my head for two years.

after a while it becomes second nature and bleeding becomes a rare thing.

there's nothing like being a cleanhead.
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That guy that plays the principal on Boston Public -- what's up with his corrugated head?

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Also, I once had a stylist point out that hair is padding for your head. Wouldn't stop me if I finally decided to go for it, though.
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I always wanted to shave my head because sometimes hair is just really annoying. My hair is half way down my back, and it's a pain to brush. Although, now I'm not sure if I would because one of my friends who was styling my hair said I had a very oddly shaped head. If only my head was nice and round.
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Does this not look like a Josef Mengele experiment? My hair's short and the follicles are few and far between. I think I'll keep it that way for now.
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