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Disturbing. I don't know what is worse, that these people are trying to make a buck off this, or the fact that you can watch the Real unedited version here. (Warning, 50megs)
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<cynicism>Yes, disturbing, but didn't the news people do the exact same thing? Exploiting the deaths of these people so they can make their money? I don't see any difference except that these people don't pretend to care about the victims. </cynicism>
posted by sonofsamiam at 7:02 AM on May 16, 2000

I somehow doubt Dylan Kliebold said: "Directors will be fighting over this(paraphrased)". Those guys were clearly so over the edge, I doubt they thought they thought more than five minutes ahead in their plans...

Last year, my children were so terrified that they stayed out of school for a week. I had to write something about it, just to vent... a year later, the media made them "patron saints of the picked-on-nerds", as I get emails from Harris & Kliebold fan clubs asking for a reciprocal link...it's beyond sick.

Where's that old guy who gave Bobby Brady nightmares about Jesse James when you need him?

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Actually Senor Brooks, both boys were obsessed with becoming famous and news articles reported that they stated things like "Directors will be fighting over this story" and "Everyone will know our names" and the like in their video diaries. News outlets reported that they had planned the assault for a year before the massacre.
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I stand corrected wiremommy. Well, like I always say: "The downside of suicide is, you never get to hear what people say afterward." Believe me, I was *over-informed* about how well those two morons planned this out, thanks to Sunday pull-outs, and special edition newspapers. That irked me to no end....they should have lived to enjoy their glory. Those guys would have been worth at least 2 cartons of cigarettes in the Big House, being such celebrities.</disgust>
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Looks like my browser doesn't support cynicism or disgust tags.

I suppose if you can't articulate those things in your writing then go for it. The novelty of it dryed up a while ago.
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