......when the baby's asleep.
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Justin Kuritzkes, best known for being the Potion Seller, writes sad, dark, funny songs, with excellent music videos. The name of his album, Songs About My Wife, maybe says it all, and so do the titles of his songs: Fuck Your Blood, I Slept With A Man, All I Want is a Fucking Bride, Even Though We Got A Baby, and—perhaps my favorite—Dance You Back To Life. Meanwhile, if you want another side to the Potion Seller, watch Dolores.
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I just sent my wife (who is putting our child to sleep in the other room) a link to Even Though We Got A Baby.

Metafilter, I think we're gonna get another one.
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Oh yeah, that's the good stuff.
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This guy is amazing. There's a fan theory that all of the songs are about the guy in the Dolores video, chronicling his relationship with Dolores until she passes away and he is left mad with grief. Even in Kuritzkes' other comedy videos there's a persistent thread about some guy who misses a woman so much he cries every night, until the neighbors complain.

There was an epilogue of sorts to this album, featuring Steven Spielberg's daughter(!) as the ghost of the late wife. Fuck Me So I Feel Alive.
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