You never said anything about choreography
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Yes, yes, it's just Halloween, too early for Christmas music. But if you hope to play this arrangement of the Hallelujah Chorus for handbell quartet before the end of the year, you'd better get to rehearsing.
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You can tell they performed this in a church even if you don't watch the video due the sound of the ever-present cough at 1:20. Can't have an un-amplified performance in church without someone coughing loudly right in the middle of it!
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Full Contact Campanology!!!
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Man, Easter seems to come earlier every year!
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I enjoyed this very much!
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What a treat to watch!

I was in a children's handbell choir for 2 years; it was great fun. The only real drawback was that I already had nearly adult-sized hands, so none of the white gloves in our set really fit. And no way were my parents going to splash out on a pair of ladies' white dress gloves for a nine-year-old!

Sometimes if you got on the director's bad side, you'd get assigned to the low G bell, which was rarely used and took two hands to ring.

But it was sublimely putty music. We played one piece that was done entirely in pizzicato. You felt like you were inside a music box.
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I love this! It's dance cardio, chamber music, and a constraint satisfaction problem all at once.
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The handbell choir at my church has been shorthanded since my kids left for college. Last week, there were only four people, and the pastor jokingly referred to them as a quartet. I need to send this to them to show it can be done!
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Oh, Handel. And here I was excited/horrified it was Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Which of course has been done on handbells: 100 ringers, SF State, Noteworthy, organ fill. None with only four very swift musicians though.
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This was delightful!
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Pair that up with the original (accept no substitutes) Turtle Creek Chorale and their drag nuns’ “signed accompaniment” to a professional symphony chorus’s “Halleujah” (I had originally assumed that it was the Dallas Symphony Chorus, as that’s where they’re from, but they perform all over the world and i can’t find a credit for the singers), and you’ve got quite the entertaining double-bill!
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This is so lovely. And I'm actually enjoying the earworm I have from this video. Thank you for posting.
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