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Nintendo’s old promotional Flash games are being brought back to life. [Origami64] “A modder, programmer, and all-around Nintendo enthusiast who goes by the name Skelux has been working on restoring all of Nintendo’s old promotional Flash games. As these creations only lived online, many of them eventually disappeared without a trace. Over time, Flash became less popular and dedicated Flash-based game websites were often deleted once they had aged past the release they were designed to promote. However, Skelux has made it a mission to restore and make available all of Nintendo’s Flash games, spanning from 1999 to 2010.” [Flash Games Nintendo Made, MEGA Collection!][YouTube] [via: The Verge]
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Some of the games they were made for are mildly surprising. I might have to give some of them a brief try.
posted by ersatz at 4:55 AM on November 6, 2017

I thought in my ignorance that these would be simple things, like Google Doodles -- but they seem to be full little games! How wonderful!

It would be fun to run a little handheld that only played these things. I wonder if a Raspberry Pi could do this..... *clickety-click* Hah! Looks like it can, according to these instructions (which have been updated for the very-recently-released "Stretch" version of raspbian):
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