how the Tariq Ramadan scandal derailed France's #Balancetonporc Movement
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While most of the commentators on the Ramadan Affair have been—as tends to be the case with conversations about Islam, laïcité, and terrorism in France—white and male, some of the most important insights on the scandal have come from those Muslim feminists who are dismayed both by the prejudice of Valls and Charlie, and disappointed with Bouteldja’s seeming indifference to victims of abuse. A debate about the Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan and his treatment of women has been eclipsed by a discussion about how France’s intellectuals view Islam in French life. (SLNewYorker)
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Ugh, every man mentioned in this article comes off as bloody awful. It is possible, actually, to condemn Ramadan's actions in the strongest way, without blaming the billion+ religion of Islam for it.
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His closest supporters have raised cries of a Zionist conspiracy [...]

No, I bet they - and he - blamed it on Jews. I mean, Ramadan himself specifically blames Jews for other things, like fomenting wars, and, as the author notes, he even describes people as Jews when they're not actually Jewish. We shouldn't accept this mealy-mouthed attempt to soften Ramadan's antisemitism.
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on my fb timeline, it felt like it came literally weeks after Nouman Ali Khan being exposed for similar offenses. Ugh, I'm truly disappointed, but somehow unsurprised. I unfollowed his page after a post that leaned hard that it was a conspiracy of bad-faith actors.
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