La plus grande bête qu’on ait jamais vue
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In late-1820s Paris, women wore their hair in towering horn shapes, people pasted giraffe-themed wallpapers on their homes, fabric was manufactured in spotted patterns, and one of the most popular colors was “giraffe yellow.” Everything was “la mode à la girafe.” The cause of this frenzy for the African mammal was the arrival of a dainty young creature from Sudan: the first giraffe in France.
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Neat. For more giraffes (over one million, in fact), it seems like this site is still up:
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The tradition continues in present-day Lyon.
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Sorrel Hays wrote an opera about Zarafa: Our Giraffe
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Michael Allin's book about Zarafa (as mentioned in the main link) is a short and charming read.
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Fascinating, thanks!
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It seems quite sensible to base fashions on these beautiful, elegant creatures.

Mind you, if there’s ever a fashion around looking like a hippo, well, that will be my time.
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Seconding the book by Michael Allin.
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Giraffes are the best
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