Weird Arby's Guy, also Weird Satanist Guy, wasn't actually interviewed
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In 2011, former 7 Action News Reporter Julie Banovic did a story about a car smashing through an Arby's in Royal Oak, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Then in March 2016, the story circulated again, this time with a much more entertaining interview. "I thought perhaps the end of days was upon us. But it turned out it was just a disoriented old lady in a champagne-colored Toyota Avalon, crashing into my world like DNB circa 1996," said the fake Arby's employee. That "weird Arby's guy" is Andrew Bowser, who also edited himself as "weird satanist guy" in a WDIV story on the satanic statue unveiling in Detroit.

If you like his brand of weird, Nerdist supported him as Onyx the Fortuitous (or just Onyx Fortuitous), he who knows of the Shadow Zone. For more of his work as Andrew Bowser, he has a collection of comedy sketches on YouTube. His real name is Mark Trillbury, as he tells you on his website where he has also links to the first season of Welcome to the Shadow Zone up on YouTube.
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Having watched all of his linked stuff here, I get where he’s trying to go with this but it gives me a case of the “Mehs.”

The dead-earnest coverage by Detroit news stations of the Satan statue unveiling (the subject of a heavily-commented-upon post here on Metafilter previously) works as wonderful - albeit unintentional - self-inflicted satire.

I also love the shade thrown by one of the anchors when he says (without saying it) “Eat Satan, Arkansas.”

I just don’t feel like Bowser’s adding any interesting and amusing twist to this. Good performance art requires that you don’t come off like you’re reading word-for-word from notes. YMMV. Satire’s funny like that.
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the little “i dunno”s sprinkled in the Arby’s interview killed me
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Why yes, I *do* like his brand of weird.
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